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Office Admistrator & Assistant Workshop (OAA)
28 April – 30 April 2020
Duration: 3 days
Rosebank, South Africa
Registration Fees: $76 (R1000)
5 Days Course: Local: $686 (R8999) International: $1,827 (R24 000)


Local and International Delegates registration plus booking is open due to limited space available:


The purpose of this Workshop in Office Administration is to further equip they those in needed of fresh strategies and efforts of an executive bookkeeper that will enchase them to become employable or work effectively as a Junior or an Executive Office Administrator, Receptionist, Office Assistant, Public Relations Officer, Marketing Administrator, etc.

This learning programme is a great choice if you believe in the benefits of running any company in an organised way. The knowledge you gain in each successive segment of this workshop builds on the last, allowing you to take on key functions and increased responsibility in your workplace.


This course will benefit anyone who would like to understand the effective roles of an office administrator and be able to reinforce their capabilities and performances when execution calls. This workshops will prepare any participant for success should desire or currently operate as a Junior Office Administrator, Receptionist, Office Assistant, Public Relations Officer and a Marketing Administrator.


Skills, qualities and attributes required for success
How to realise our full potential. What should we expect from ourselves?

Understanding People
Why we relate really well to some people and simply don’t understand others. A module on personality profiling and how to effectively implement the knowledge

Setting Clear Goals and Expectations
Goal setting made real. Theoretical and practical approach to goal setting

Identifying Urgent versus important tasks and realistic deadlines
Practical exercise on prioritising – the time matrix explained

Clear Communication, Delegation and Assertive Speech
All aspects of communication, internal and external; the art of delegation; how to set effective boundaries and communicate these clearly

The key to Effective Written Communication
All aspects of written communication discussed in detail with practical exercises

Maintaining Professionalism and Etiquette
Using practical examples and explaining theory we understand what etiquette actually is and how it affects every area of our working life

Discussion and exercises highlighting common errors and their serious consequences

Practical advice on Lists, Organisation and Record Keeping
Filing systems, administration and record keeping in detail

Effective Minute Taking
Minuting taking made easy – the theory and practical

Keeping an Effective Diary
An in-depth module on how to organise your day and desk

Mini Project Management
Taking a project management approach into the office environment –
we work through a practical exercise


On successful completion of this workshop, you’ll be able to execute professional business acceptable services within these following areas bellow:

  • Business communication
  • Bookkeeping up to trial balance
  • Apply your basic knowledge of cost and management accounting
  • Use your basic skills in marketing and public relations
  • Business law and administrative practice